Red C string with feathers

Strings & Panties
panty-cr-3299-One Size
€ 16,00

Red C string with feathers

Do you like to follow the news in fashion?
If so, you got it right! Chili-micro thong are conquering the female (and not only…) hearts around the world!
Chili-thong are loved by ladies and gentlemen on every continent.
This thongs add courage to women, and can bring men about a faster heartbeat.
Micro-thong are in the shape of letter C, without a hip belt…
On the females body just keep them flexible inside framework.

This Chili-thong are made of soft red feathers.

They brighten a gloomy and cold nights and will put you in the passionate atmosphere. Thanks to them, you’ll feel like a sexy dancer straight from the carnival in Rio de Janeiro!

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