Beppy Sponge/Tampons

€ 10,00

Beppy Sponge/Tampons

The Beppy Soft+Comfort Tampon WET is a soft flexible sponge. The tampon offers extra comfort and always fits well, because the soft structure of the tampon takes the shape of the body. The Beppy WET variant is provided with lactagel, making the tampon easy to insert.

The Beppy Soft+Comfort Tampon is a soft flexible sponge that you wear internally during your menstrual period. The Beppy Tampon offers invisible protection for up to 8 hours. Invisible, because the Beppy has no string! Because the Beppy Tampon has no string, the tampon offers new possibilities compared to the other tampons available. During your menstrual period, you can exercise fanatically with the Beppy, enjoy a visit to the sauna without hindrance, a pleasant evening out or relax in the bath at home.

The Beppy Tampon was developed by a female engineer in close collaboration with Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. An easy-to-use, hygienic tampon without a cord, designed for maximum comfort and protection. The Beppy has already proven its success, in recent years millions of tampons have been sold worldwide.

The Beppy Soft+Comfort Tampon is, just like any other standard tampon, easy to insert. Thanks to the special shape and soft structure, the tampon can be easily folded, inserted and the Beppy Tampon molds itself completely to your body, preventing leakage. This allows you to enjoy optimal, invisible protection and comfort. What are the advantages? The tampon offers more freedom during the monthly period, so you can go to the sauna, play sports, have sex and more carefree and comfortably protected.

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